Certified Chi Kung Instructor


Sifu Jeanmarie Olmos is a  certified instructor for Shaolin Lohan Therapeutic QiGong and are Wing Sing Tong  of Grandmaster Chen Yong Fa, lineage holder of the Lohan International Chi Kung System.

The Lohan System is not just a set of moves, this is a system that incorporates jing, chi and shen.


Tailored classes for different age groups, levels of skill and medical needs create an enjoyable and pleasant environment for all the students.

Health Benefits

Gently yet profoundly create strength, flexibility and balance in the muscles and joints through gentle, flowing and circular movements without stressing your body.

Our Classes

The style of Qi Gong that we teach is known as Lohan Qigong (Chi Kung). This set of exercises was created by Bodhidharma (Da Mo), the founder of Chen (Zen) Buddhism 1500 years ago. After spending nine years meditating in a cave, Bodhidharma found that lack of movement plus the bitter cold and wind around his mountain retreat caused fatigue, body aches and pain.

To combat this, he devised a set of exercises based on Indian Yoga, Chinese exercise of the time and his observation of the natural movements of wild animals. This set of exercises is known as the “18 Lohan Qigong”. This gentle exercise is relaxing and energizing at the same time, with each set of movements designed to activate and cleanse the Dantian and particular acupuncture meridians.


2018 Traditional training in China at the Ancestral Hall